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ACDSSS Director Fr. Vinoy received the award of Ideal Man of Agra from the Ideal social Welfare Organization. Read More
Celebration on International Women's Day,2016 Read More
Workshop on MGNREGA Social Audit Read More
Street play was organized in the project areas of women Empowerment programme, Community Health Programme, Eradication of child labour programme Read More
ACDSSS Celebrated Adolescent girl’s day in Mathura with the participation of 600 girls. Read More
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Visualize a humane society based on the values of equality, distributive justice, secularism, love brotherhood, peace, respect and dignity.


To strive for humane society of sustainable development based on the principles of equality, distributive justice and secularism in solidarity with the marginalized through empowerment process.


A process of animation among women and men to become aware, form and organize into groups and federations and to take actions for integrated, participatory and sustainable development

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Community Health

ACDSS visualizes a healthy society by tackling increasing carelessness about health in the rural areas. It has taken up several steps to create awareness regarding health among the people and to promote physical, mental and intellectual health. Works of the organization are making efforts from time to time to create awareness regarding iodized salt, safe delivery, clean drinking water, exclusive breast-feeding, etc. The workers also make the people aware as to how they can save themselves from various diseases.

Health camps are organized from time to time in collaboration with the local primary health centres, community health centres.

Safe Motherhood
If health situation of women is deeply viewed in Uttar Pradesh, a dismal picture emerges. Census 2001 data indicate that the number of women has gone down considerably. The reasons behind this are female foeticide, lack of attention during adolescence, child marriages, unsafe motherhood, unsafe pregnancies, etc. The organization is working to promote safe motherhood. The organization does not limit safe motherhood to pregnancy and delivery alone. Rather it regards it as a right of women.

For promoting safe motherhood, traditional birth attendants (TBAs) are imparted training from time to time. During these training the points highlighted include safe delivery, breast-feeding and cleanliness.

There is no doubt that HIV/AIDS are greatest killers of humans. There is no way to fight HIV/AIDS other than creating awareness about them. Women & workers of ACDSSS and students from different school participate in this rallies.

Participation in government initiatives for the promotion of community health: Capacity building of the groups for an active participation in government initiatives like Bal Swasthya Poshan Mah (BSPM), Routine Immunization (RI), Village Health and Nutrition Days (VHNDs) and Weekly Health and Nutrition Days (WHNDs), mobilizing the community for accessing the benefits of these initiatives etc. are some of the activities in this direction. Capacity building of service providers, making them active through regular meetings, promotion of adequately iodized salt, promotion of immediate and exclusive breastfeeding etc. is some of the other interventions.


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