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ACDSSS Director Fr. Vinoy received the award of Ideal Man of Agra from the Ideal social Welfare Organization. Read More
Celebration on International Women's Day,2016 Read More
Workshop on MGNREGA Social Audit Read More
Street play was organized in the project areas of women Empowerment programme, Community Health Programme, Eradication of child labour programme Read More
ACDSSS Celebrated Adolescent girl’s day in Mathura with the participation of 600 girls. Read More
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Visualize a humane society based on the values of equality, distributive justice, secularism, love brotherhood, peace, respect and dignity.


To strive for humane society of sustainable development based on the principles of equality, distributive justice and secularism in solidarity with the marginalized through empowerment process.


A process of animation among women and men to become aware, form and organize into groups and federations and to take actions for integrated, participatory and sustainable development

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Sustainable Agriculture through Organic Farming :

The contemporary age is witnessing environmental problems like very scanty rain, depletion of water and other natural resources and decaying bio-diversity. The menace has emerged as a result of the greed of human beings with blind use of natural resources. Nature’s reaction is evident in the form of misbalanced environmental equilibrium causing a serious threat to the very existence of ‘life’ on earth. The much talked about concept of ‘sustainable development’ also speaks of optimum use of natural resources and their preservation for the coming generations. In the development sector, innumerable efforts have been done to preserve the nature’s gifts. In this direction, the efforts of ACDSSS can be few conspicuous but are significant because messages of ACDSSS reach directly to the grassroots level.

ACDSSS, a passionate campaigner of environmental equilibrium, has been taking some micro steps to promote the various agriculture based issue in its focus areas. Various agriculture interventions of ACDSSS are evident to augment the natural resource management and allied livelihoods, like:-

  • Promotion of livelihood based organic farming,
  • Initiation of SRI method of paddy cultivation,
  • Agro-forestry & agro horticulture practices,
  • Live stock rearing,
  • Promotion of Farmers Facility Centers,
  • Support to marginalized farmers for diversification in agriculture,
  • Promotion of allied agriculture based livelihood opportunities,
  • Augmenting the productivity of lead crops program based on sustainable agriculture,
  • Support to farmers for availing institutional agriculture credits for productive purposes, etc .

As a step further in this direction, ACDSSS took up the following ventures especially for the small and marginal farmers of focus area.

  • ‘Towards Nature’- Empowerment of the marginalized through Natural Resources Management and Allied Livelihood’
  • Augmenting the productivity of lead crops/ activities through adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Implementation of ‘Village Development Plan’ intervention.
  • 45 % women farmers are playing an important role in organic farming program.
  • For the creation the livelihood opportunities and to ensure the diversification in agriculture, organic farmers are motivated to adopt the organic vegetable cultivation practices.
  • To ensure the long term cultivation rights of farmers on their organic field, agro horticulture/ agro forestry practices are being adopting by small and marginal organic farmers.
  • Under the Village Development Program, promotion of solar lights, art of living program for youth, training on vermi composting and Azola, newspapers, magazine and library facilities, rejuvenation of ponds etc are implementing through the platform of CBOs.

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