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ACDSSS Director Fr. Vinoy received the award of Ideal Man of Agra from the Ideal social Welfare Organization. Read More
Celebration on International Women's Day,2016 Read More
Workshop on MGNREGA Social Audit Read More
Street play was organized in the project areas of women Empowerment programme, Community Health Programme, Eradication of child labour programme Read More
ACDSSS Celebrated Adolescent girl’s day in Mathura with the participation of 600 girls. Read More
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Visualize a humane society based on the values of equality, distributive justice, secularism, love brotherhood, peace, respect and dignity.


To strive for humane society of sustainable development based on the principles of equality, distributive justice and secularism in solidarity with the marginalized through empowerment process.


A process of animation among women and men to become aware, form and organize into groups and federations and to take actions for integrated, participatory and sustainable development

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Women Empowerment

This aims at establishment of a equal gender just society. It works with the help of the strategy of community organisation, awareness and collective action. Highlights of activities: 1. Enhancing women's participation in open meetings of the Panchayats 2. Efforts for enhancing self esteem of women and children 3. Facilitating emergence of local women leaders to lead the community 4. Networking with government bodies to access the benefits of government programs 5. Women's awareness to raise voices against exploitation 6. Facilitate collective actions for the welfare of the community 7. Capacity building on different aspects of development through training programs 8. Sensitization on MNREGA/NRHM/RTI/Panchayati Raj

Total Mahila Mandals: 500
Total member of Mahila Mandals: 14100
Women are the most important target group of ACDSSS as women in its area of operation are compelled to lead a pitiable life. Just 25 to 35 per cent of women are literate and the percentage of adequately educated women in the area goes further down. Almost 20 to 30 per cent girls in the area are married between ages 14 and 18 years, much less than the age of marriage prescribed by the law. The area has high infant mortality rate. Maternal mortality ratio is also high. A whopping 50 per cent of women work as domestic and agricultural labourers in the unorganized sector. But they are paid very little for a day's hard labour.

Sex ratio (number of women per 1,000 men) is decreasing with each passing year, posing threat to the very existence of women.
ACDSSS is working towards women empowerment right since its formation it visualizes a society with gender equity.

The objectives to work towards women empowerment are multi-pronged:
• To attain the gender equity
• To have equal opportunities for girl children to education
• To ensure participation in decision making beginning from family circles
• To eliminate all forms of violence against women
• To promote economic independence
• To motivate for political participation and their effective role in decision making
• To build up local leadership
• To mobilize public opinion on specific issues and problems of women
• To build a strong women’s movement
• To network with other women organizations

Under women empowerment development interventions are those which affect the entire society. Thus emphasis is laid on women education, women health, income generating activities, resistance of exploitation and attainment of social justice.

Empowering women in this western U.P. is not easy due to the prevailing of the old mindset and feudal society. The task is onerous. In view of this, a community based structure - Mahila Mandals has been formed. The members of these groups take action on issues the women in the area face and act as a link between ACDSSS and the community in general.


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