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ACDSSS Director Fr. Vinoy received the award of Ideal Man of Agra from the Ideal social Welfare Organization. Read More
Celebration on International Women's Day,2016 Read More
Workshop on MGNREGA Social Audit Read More
Street play was organized in the project areas of women Empowerment programme, Community Health Programme, Eradication of child labour programme Read More
ACDSSS Celebrated Adolescent girl’s day in Mathura with the participation of 600 girls. Read More
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Visualize a humane society based on the values of equality, distributive justice, secularism, love brotherhood, peace, respect and dignity.


To strive for humane society of sustainable development based on the principles of equality, distributive justice and secularism in solidarity with the marginalized through empowerment process.


A process of animation among women and men to become aware, form and organize into groups and federations and to take actions for integrated, participatory and sustainable development

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Self Help Groups (SHGs)

With a view to free the rural community from the clutches of the village money lenders and also to facilitate economic empowerment of the excluded groups, ACDSSS took up the task of forming self help groups (SHGs). The SHGs stand to create community pool based on micro savings. As a step further, the groups and linked to the banks for financial assistance and provided seed money. The community pool helps the members in getting an easy loan for productive and consumption purposes.

The organisation capacitates the members to begin income generating activities and setup their own micro enterprises. The goal of economic empowerment of the excluded has been finding a reflection through a collective approach of the SHGs through which one can see these rural women saving and earning for raising the economic standard of their families.

At present 500 SHGs were formed with 5000 members. The group members are using the loan amount for different activities like agriculture, animal husbandry, shop keeping, marriages, medical treatment, house construction, travel, education, etc. The SHGs have been linked with different banks and have been getting financial assistance because of this linkage.

The SHGs have made the easy and soft loans available at the households of the focus people. This has helped them in coming out of the clutches of the village money lenders. Interactions have also touched upon the social aspects of the members. The enhanced mobility and interactions with the banks has raised their confidence level. Access and control over resources had added to their dignity at family and community level.


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